Patient Testimonials

Dr. Yao and Natalie are a great team…

“I was referred to Dr. Yao by a co-worker who highly recommended him. I have been working with Dr. Yao for almost one year. Thus far, two cleanings and a crown replacement. Every procedure was thorough and relaxing. I actually fell asleep two of the three visits. Dr. Yao and Natalie are a great team and I would highly recommend anyone in search of excellence in dentistry to join him. During each visit Dr. Yao and Natalie make you feel like part of their family. It’s truly a unique experience and I’m pleased being a newly enrolled patient.”

5/ 5stars

Jerry and Nat are the best dentistry duo…

“Jerry and Nat are the best dentistry duo we have experienced. Our entire family have been going to Dr. Yao since he started his practice in Pleasant Hill. Jerry and Nat have made us all feel very comfortable throughout the years and have always delivered the best dental care for our family. We highly recommend Dr. Yao; you won’t be disappointed.”

5/ 5stars

“Before seeing Dr. Yao I always felt nervous to go to the dentist, even for regular cleaning. I just hated the scraping sound and with my mouth keep open wide. Dr. Yao not only seemed to have a way to make you feel relaxing and comfortable, he also had done exceptional work on me. The dental bridge work he performed on me last year was excellent even though I had to keep my mouth open wider and longer.”
— Otto L.

“Dr. Yao does all the things you’d expect of a dentist’s office very well. In addition to that, his office is clean, he’s very thorough, and his front staff (Natalie) does an awesome job.”
— Brian W.

“I highly recommend Dr. Yao. My appointments are always quick, I never have to wait, and they are very flexible. Dr. Yao does his own cleaning, and he is very gentle and meticulous. I never feel pressured into services that aren’t necessary, and I appreciate that. By far, the best dentist I’ve ever seen. Oh, and did I mention you get a back massage while in their chairs?!”
— Heidi W.

“My family and I have been going to Dr. Yao for three years. We enjoy the fact that his practice is a small, local, and family run. We are always greeted warmly and Dr. Yao performs all of our cleanings. We have and will continue to recommend Dr. Yao’s office to our family and friends.”
— Michael K.

“Dr. Yao was recommended to me by a friend and I have been very pleased with his services. The office is very friendly and professional. A good example of the type of personal care you get from Dr. Yao is that he does all the teeth cleanings himself. This is a nice service that I did not see offered at very many other offices. If you are looking for a dentist I would recommend giving Dr. Yao a try.”
— Ron K.

“I have been seeing Dr. Yao since I was 17 (yeah, too young to choose my own dentist), and I keep coming back, even though I now live in Livermore! Not only is he great, thorough, and efficient, he makes an effort (a good effort) to get to know you personally. He often tells stories of his other patients, which lets me know he really cares. His office staff, Natalie, is also very friendly and on top of everything! Definitely recommend this dental office.”
— Jessica P.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Yao since 2007, because he looks after his patients, offering important advice in correctly flossing and proper brushing. Also, whatever other care one needs to follow. Patients can only feel comfortable and know they’re getting the up-to-date treatment the dental field has to offer.”
— Wm & Carol P.

“My regular visits to see Jerry and Natalie have almost become more of a social visit with my check-up and cleaning on the side. They are the most friendly and personable people I’ve ever had as a dentist. My care and treatment have been terrific and even the suggestions to floss more are gentle. Since I’ve changed jobs, the location isn’t convenient, but I can’t imagine trying to find an equivalent dental experience in SF. Thanks a lot, Jerry and Natalie.”
— Mike A.

“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Yao’s since 2007. Their office is centrally located and convenient. The office is immaculate and the technology and equipment is new. I especially love the massage feature in the patient chair. The dental care we receive is excellent. Dr. Yao and Natalie are personable and have taken the time to get to know me, my husband, and three boys. I recommend them to friends and family. “
— Kasey C.

“I just started going to Dr. Yao’s office about a year ago. He and Natalie are very warm and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable and understand everything going on with my dental health or about my insurance. I never feel rushed out of the office, or that the dentist has to rush to see another patient. I would definitely recommend Dr. Yao’s office. Plus, they have a massage chair that lightly massages your back while you are having a cleaning or other dental work done, just a little something extra that makes it great to go there.”
— Jasmine M.

“My children and I have been going to Dr. Yao and Natalie for many years now, ever since my kids were only three years old. They are now 12 and 15. They provide excellent care for kids with their gentle and patient manner. I particularly appreciate how Dr. Yao likes to explain procedures and practices with current methods. He is truly an artist in making crowns. Together, they are a wonderful husband and wife team that I would recommend to all ages!”
— Sheilah Z. (mother of two)

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Yao for over eight years and can’t imagine ever going somewhere else. Jerry and Natalie run the best dental practice I’ve ever been to and are fantastic people, too! I’ve recommended them wholeheartedly to friends and family and feel completely comfortable that anyone I send to the practice will get excellent care and the best friendly and helpful service. If you’re looking for a dentist you don’t need to look any further!”
— Erik T.

“I was referred to Dr. Yao by my neighbor and I’m really glad she did. I have a lot of trouble with tooth pain and Dr. Yao is really good at getting me through the procedures relatively pain-free. I also like that he does his own teeth cleaning. It makes me feel that he is on top of everything going on with my teeth.”
— Paula C.

“Dr. Yao does a great job taking care of our dental needs! Last year, I started taking my son to him, as well.”
— JoAnn H.

“Finding Dr. Yao and Natalie was a godsend for my wife and I. We have been patients for many years and recommend him to everyone we know. Dr. Yao is very professional and gentle. Great office, too! Comes with music and massage chair if you like. Because of Dr. Yao’s soft and gentle hands, from now on the word ‘shot’ is no longer a four-letter word!”
— Alex C.

“Dr. Yao has been my dentist for the last six months, and even though it’s not that long, it’s been more than enough time to know I’ll never change him as my dentist! He is very gentle and cautious. It’s nice to know I am getting my teeth in good shape with no pain involved! Some of all the many things I like is the fact that Natalie calls me one day before my appointments to remind me! And she also was so awesome to contact my insurance and make sure I wouldn’t go over my coverage; since the first day I went into their office I left with the nice feeling of knowing they were looking out not only for my teeth but also for my pocket! Never thought I’d say this one day, but I actually enjoy going to the dentist now!”
— Carolina N.

“Excellent dental care! It’s a small practice so you can really get to know who your dentist is! Both Dr. Yao and Natalie are kind, caring, and professional people and I highly recommend going there! I’ve been going there for at least eight years.”
— Karen S.

“My family have been patients of Jerry’s for years. We really love how Jerry and Natalie take such good care of us. He is always gentle and really explains what we need to do in between cleanings. FIVE STARS!”
— Brian C.

“I have had problems with my soft teeth since I was a little girl and because of this have spent many an hour in the dentist chair. The team of Jerry, dentist, and Natalie, dental assistant, is a team that can’t be beat. I recommend Jerry and Natalie to all of my friends. Jerry is not only the best dentist I have ever had, but he takes care of my entire family and their dental needs with incredible integrity, care, and efficieny. Fear the dentist no more!”
— Jayne K.

“Dr. Yao and Natalie have overseen my dental care for over a decade and counting. I’ve lived in Walnut Creek and am now a resident of San Francisco. It’s worth the commute to Pleasant Hill for my continued, professional dental care. It’s easy to find another dentist but not easy to find the quality dental care and patient trust that I continue to receive annually. If somebody I know is looking for a dentist, without hesitation, I always recommend and refer them to Dr. Jerry and Natalie Yao.”
— Dave F.

“I began seeing Dr. Yao over 10 years ago after being very displeased with my then-current dentist. I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Yao is very professional and I really appreciate that he does all the work himself with the help of his wonderful assistant, Natalie. I have since referred my husband, my mother-in-law, and some friends and everyone has been pleased. He also began cleaning my children’s teeth once they were old enough and has always made them feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Yao to anyone looking for a great dentist!”
— Sharyn H.

“I appreciate the really high-quality standards that Jerry brings to his practice. He does all the work himself (even routine cleaning) to be sure that everything is done the right way. Jerry and Natalie are both great to work with — always pleasant, always professional, always on top of their work. I highly recommend Dr. Yao to anyone looking for the best in dental care.”
— Bill B.

“After some unfortunate situations with other dentists, a friend recommended Dr. Yao. We have seen Dr. Yao for about 10 years. His services have been wonderful. Our family has had various types of dental issues; and Dr. Yao effectively resolves all of them. Both Dr. Yao and Natalie (his staff) are friendly and treats their patients with special care!”
— Joyce E.

“I as well as my family have been patients of Dr. Yao for 15 years and have been pleased with his professionalism and expertise in taking care of our dental needs. Natalie is always ready to work us in when we have short-notice needs or need to change an appointment as well. I have recommended Dr. Yao to friends as well and all the feedback has been great. The music and back massage while getting a cleaning really makes the time fly by too!”
— Randy B.

“If you suffer from dentist-phobia, come here and you will fear no more. Fantastic service and beautiful office. Natalie and Dr. Yao are real people-people!!!!”
— Gary C.

“I am very particular when it comes to dentists. Dr. Yao has done a wonderful job! He is professional, he keeps up with technology, the office is very clean, and his staff (Natalie) is efficient and easy to work with. I’ve recommended Dr. Yao to my friends and they are pleased with him as well. I actually look forward to my appointments, which isn’t common for most dental visits!”
— Jana B.

“One of the most pleasant dentist offices I have ever been in. They really seem to care about their patients and it shows. Have referred a few of my friends over to them now and they seem to feel the same. If you want a great dentist, give them a try!”
— Kenneth M.